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Saturday, December 15, 2018
Helping broken people who truly want to change their lives

Symptoms of Brokenness

Symptoms of brokenness can come from a variety of places.  The bottom line is you are hurt.  You may be hurt from something you did, or something others did to you.  And now your broken.  The symptoms in your life may look like this:

If you had the following, your symptoms  could look like this:
 Shame and Guilt
 Aggressive Behavior
 Related Nightmares or Dreams
 Interrupted Sleep
 Self-Destructive Behaviors
 Repeated Abortions
Anxiety Attacks
 Numbing of Emotions
 Outbursts of Anger or Rage
 Drug and/or Alcohol Abuse
Prescription Drug Abuse
 Sexual Promiscuity
 Withdrawal from Relationships
Replacement Pregnancies
 Eating disorders
Short or Long Term Depression
Thoughts of Suicide