Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Sherry Rittenour

The Founder & President of Alive Again Ministries

and Author of The Journey to Life

The History and On-Going Development of Alive Again Ministries
     Founded in August 2004, originally our name was Sisters In Christ. Our aim was to help women, everywhere, heal from the wounds and after effects of abortion. It was a tremendous goal!
      I co-founded Sisters In Christ with Glory Roach, based on a desire to succeed and the knowledge that it was God's will.  We had the experience of our own healing through Jesus Christ. Additionally I had 7 years experience at a local crisis pregnancy center.   My work at the center enabled me to help many post abortive women experience healing and freedom in Christ also. 
     The heartbeat of our ministry was our bible study, The Journey to Life.  From the beginning, as it was written, hot off the printer and chapter by chapter, it was placed in the hands of women whom God had sent to take the journey.  It was awesome! 
     However, in May 2007, Glory was called away from our ministry.  Although this was a tough period, I persevered and continued to move the ministry forward with the support of  a dedicated  board of directors and more importantly God's help.  In that same year, the ministry expanded to include Sexual Abuse help as part of our services.    
   I began an in-depth study about the after effects of sexual abuse.  At first only women received help, but then came the men.  We were now helping men! It became evident our name had to change. So in 2009, Sisters In Christ became Alive Again Ministries. 
     Due to the extensive help we give in journey after journey for Sexual Abuse, we have begun to reach people suffering from other traumatic events such as divorce, the death of a significant person, abandonment, rape, military deployment and many other situations. People suffer greatly when caught in the aftermath of such wounds and pain. 
     However, in the case of these traumatic events and situations, we must first deal with the bondage of addictive behaviors that result. Addictive behavior manifests itself in different ways. For example, some people may show signs of hypochondriac type behavior, some may show signs of hoarding, and others self cutting. [Please refer to and read our list of addictive behavior symptoms found on our menu]   
     Our bible study, The Journey to Life, continues to be the heartbeat of Alive Again Ministries and its leaders continue to lead people out of darkness and into the Light of Jesus Christ.   With God’s help and many supporters, we are now eight years strong and thriving! 
…”I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.”     
John 8:12